Brooklyn-based artist Gary Fernández combines technology and craft to create visual metaphors through inventive imagery and surreal compositions in the form of objects and prints. Fernández has recently shifted his practice to primarily sculptural. Blending art, the making process and design, he explores the optical and the inherent functional possibilities of shapes inspired by his graphic work.

From his Bushwick studio he experiments with materials such as concrete, cardboard and plywood using unorthodox casting techniques to make one-of-a-kind and small batch sculptural objects with a Wabi-sabi sensibility in an urban context.

His monolith-like pieces allude to ideas of longevity, perpetuity, the passing of time, and the perception of the future in the present time, as well as rituals and spiritual offerings. They also serve as meditation about the perception of the human-made in a much more machine driven world.

As an image-maker he has merged classical-inspired characters with retro-futuristic volumetric elements to create bold and rich compositions that evoke surrealism, dadaism and optical art.

Fernández’s intricate, retro-esque illustrations marry a liquid stroke with a rigid tension, which in turn projects an underlying seething mood and latent danger. For some reason, I’m thinking Dadaism and Salvador Dali mixed with the sixties’ London vibes and New York’s retro fashion illustrations. At the same time, some of his work is almost whimsical and merry; evoking images from Cirque du Soleil and old European circus posters. Whatever you see, you are irresistibly drawn into his world.

His graphic work has been commissioned worlwide by agencies such as McCann Erickson, Young and Rubicam, GREY, JWT, FCB and BBDO, for clients such as Coca Cola, Microsoft Zune Originals, Honda, Camel, Lucky Strike, Swide by Dolce & Gabbana, Nylon JAPAN, Globus Department Stores, MTV, Volkswagen, to name a few.

His work has been published in magazines and books worldwide including:

  • Criterion Designs, The Criterion Collection.

  • New Icons of Fashion Illustration, Laurence King Publishing.

  • Dark Inspiration – Grotesque Illustrations, Art & Design, Victionary.

  • Ilustración, hoy. Nuevas tendencias en ilustración de vanguardia, Index Book.

  • Freewave, Booth-Clibborn Editions.

  • The Beautiful – Illustrations for Fashion and Style, Gestalten.

  • Fashion Identity, Index Book The Book of Inspiration, Computer Arts.

  • Portafolios de Diseñadores – 100% Proyectos Personales, Index Book.

  • For Love and Money – New Illustration, Laurence King Publishing.

  • Introduction to Fantastic Girls, Future Landscapes and the Most Beautiful Birds Ever Seen, Self-published.

  • Magazines: Vogue (China), Neo 2 (Spain), Computer Arts (UK), Sunday Times (Perth, Australia), among others.

Fernández has had solo and collective exhibitions worldwide: New York City (USA), Shanghai (China), Marseille (France), London (UK), Paris (France), Madrid (Spain), Marbella (Spain), Poland, Perth (Australia), and Sydney (Australia).